Undiscovered Angel (Earthbound #1)


And the rebellious angels were cast from Heaven - or so the story is commonly told.  A few among the banished realized they had been misled. They lost their wings and were given a new purpose - to stop the Fallen and their minions from spreading their evil. Kassian McAllister, an Earthbound Angel, lost someone dear to Jack the Ripper.  The Ripper has returned and a lovely empath senses his vile presence.  Kassian’s attraction to her places this unique woman in greater peril, yet he can’t fight his protective instincts. The walls around his heart are crumbling. The Ripper prowls for new victims. Will Kassian lose someone he loves again?  


As the first book in the Earthbound series, “Undiscovered Angel ” has the hallmarks of a few popular paranormal series: a warrior brotherhood with an evil counterpart, a mate bond, a touch of horror, along with action and suspense. The author also blends dark (violence and torture) and light (toyful banter) elements. Jack the Ripper’s brand of evil is disturbing, and not fully explored.  (He could have been fascinating… or too macabre.)  With a garden-variety courtship, the hero and heroine offer a predictable and light romance amongst the uneven world-building.  As a side note, combining a headstrong heroine with imminent danger does not always generate favorable decision-making.  Overall, brooding warriors presented as sexy angels - the hero’s comrades present themselves as future romantic leads, each with their tormented past - and the women who complete their souls present a pleasing package.


Anna Fitzgerald