Under the Satyr Moon (The Cursed Satyroi #2)


Lily has been dumped and abandoned in the woods by her boyfriend of five years. Lost and heartbroken, she wanders for ages before hearing beautiful music that leads her to a clearing in the forest.  There she sees a handsome man playing a pan flute. He claims that Lily is a nymph, and that she can break the curse that has been placed upon him - and has turned him into a satyr. To break the curse, they must make love during the satyr moon and he will no longer be immortal, but will once more be a man. She highly doubts this and tries to escape, but she is a prisoner.


This is a very original story with a piece of mythology being completely reworked. The only part that is true to mythology is the affair between Adonis and Aphrodite. Great explanations are given for the changes in the original myth that make it believable. These characters are bigger than life, but they must be since most of them are immortals, with the exceptions of Donovan and Lily. There is a lot of play on the good versus evil theme, so there are a few hair-raising moments. Readers will especially love the scene when Lily gets to confront Donovan about abandoning her!


Ms. Lewis has truly worked wonders - brava!


Belinda Wilson