Unbreakable Bonds (Angela Panther #2)

Carolyn Ridder

Angela has a gift, she can talk to dead people. But, ever since her dad died, the gift is on the fritz! She hasn’t been able to see or hear anyone at all, including her deceased mom and that’s a big problem. Her friend Mel suspects her husband Nick of cheating on her and needs Angela’s help! Add to that, Angela's daughter Emily has a new boyfriend, and Angela suspects there’s more than kissing going on.  Normally, her spectral mother would be her spy, helping her watch Emily, acting as a go-between with other ghosts, and alerting her to Nick’s extracurricular activities…Ma, where are you?!?  Fixing her gift can’t come too soon but how to do it? When the two of them do finally talk, it’s not a moment too soon!


“Unbreakable” is a delightfully funny, slightly irreverent paranormal romp!  It deals with all the ins and outs of loving and helping both family and friends. Especially engaging is the unique twist in the relationship between Angela and her deceased mother. That relationship is both funny and tender, with her mother still advising, admonishing, and cheering, even from the other side.  Just as enjoyable, however, are the warm, often humorous, and sometimes even poignant moments with Angela’s daughter, Emily, or her friend Mel.  Even though there are several story threads, they mesh nicely and complement each other.  Ultimately this is a story full of fun for anyone searching for a fresh new way to laugh and enjoy the trials of family!


Victoria Z. Burg