Two Wizard Roulette (A Modern Knights Novel Book 2)


Someone is winning millions of dollars at the casinos owned by Valente International Corporation. Colin is the special wizard of the corporation and is called in to investigate. Everyone knows it is the same gambler with magical powers who is fleecing the casinos, but no two people can give the same description of what the perpetrator looks like. It has been said he is short, tall, or even a woman, which gives Colin nothing to go on. Finally, the FBI gets involved, which throws another monkey wrench into the works. FBI agent Andrea Devereau looks like Colin’s missing and presumed dead fiancée. Can Devereau and Colin catch the thieves before the casinos go belly up?

Unique is the best way to describe Mr. Bader’s most recent novel in the Modern Knights series. Almost everyone in the piece has some kind of magic powers or is some kind of hybrid — such as Colin’s girlfriend Veruca, who has demon blood. There are also two characters with multiple personalities. Jacob’s personalities circulate on a regular basis so one gets to know all of them, while Lilianna’s personalities are just extra names on the page, taking up space. The story is hard to follow and it’s difficult to keep up with the plethora of characters. Even after finishing the book  questions linger. It is fascinating to watch the villain change into his other incarnations – his posture, body language, and way of speaking would drastically change. What a nice touch!

Belinda Wilson