The Twins (The Epitaph Series, Book 2)


Jared Pierce is from Louisiana, so it’s no surprise that driving in Illinois sleet has him sliding off the highway.  He’s in Illinois to flip his deceased great-aunt’s home but winds up recovering there instead.  He’s also there to banish any ghosts that might be haunting the place. Siobhan McCormick doesn’t believe in ghosts.  She’s the nurse in charge of the app tracking Jared’s recovery.  Recently returned to Illinois after being away for a decade, she is trying to reconnect with her family after avoiding them since high school.  Siobhan accidently answers her work phone one night and instantly falls for Jared’s sexy southern drawl.  Both lonely, they bond over the phone, but fate has different plans.  They are thrown together in a haunted house and the fun begins.

“The Twins” is just the story for any reader who wants a love story mixed with a little hair-raising suspense.  Jared and Siobhan are two broken people: him physically, her emotionally.  She helps heal his wounds and he helps her to believe, not only in spirits, but in herself. The main characters in this story are lively, complex and very likeable, as are the host of minor characters who carry over from the first book in the series.  Ms. Brandenburg masterfully weaves the paranormal plot elements into the story with subtlety so they feel organic and believable, and the cold icy Illinois winter is the perfect setting for a ghost story.  The reader may find the ending a bit abrupt, but that will hardy detract from the pleasure of reading this excellent tale.

Marc Joseph