Twilight Over Moldavia (Moldavian Moon #2)


Life has taken an eventful turn for Princess Caroline Aurora Moldoveanu. At the untimely death of her sister, Caroline’s fate was sealed. You see, Caroline’s sister was betrothed to Prince Stefan Sigmaringen. Now Caroline must take her sister’s place to unite the kingdoms of Romania.

Stephan is ignited by Caroline’s touch and wants her for his own. Unfortunately, he finds he’s part of a long-secret curse set to turn him into a werewolf. When Stephan and Caroline discover they’re being hunted by a werewolf and his witch, they’re desperate for answers. Little do they know, their lovemaking is the cure.

“Twilight Over Moldavia” is the second in a series but stands just fine on its own two feet. Some of the names are difficult to pronounce and cause a little trip each time they’re used, but the setting and emotion of the novel come through clear as a bell. Burkhart does a fantastic job crafting all different kinds of loving relationships that endear the reader to her characters, and her steamy scenes, though short, crank up the heat. Though this is a series, the reader isn’t left frustrated by a cliffhanger. Instead, the reader can look forward to the continuing story of characters they’ve grown to love.

Sofia St. Angeles