Twilight’s Eternal Embrace

Karen Michelle
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Once upon a time, in a land far away, there existed a clan of blood drinkers called “Oiche Sith”. They fed on each other until that was no longer an option. That’s where the “Lathe Sith” came in… A contract, they called it - an agreement. The only thing Lathe Sith had to provide for protection was a young girl every year. Her blood…and her life.

Filled with anger after her sister has suffered such a fate, Adryanna wants nothing to do with the bloodsuckers.  Then, she meets Bram and starts to think they’re not all so bad after all. But some things are forbidden. Love between them can NOT happen…Can it?

Bran has never given much thought to the ritual that guided him into adulthood, which required the blood of a lass - until he meets Adryanna. He’s drawn to her, but he has to keep his distance. Not just because it’s forbidden, but because claiming her might mean her death. “Might”? WILL! if recent history is any indication. Yet, he cannot stay away, and together they just might beat the odds…

A sizzling rendition of a vampire version of star-crossed lovers!  Sparks between Adryanna and Bran absolutely fly off the pages! Both Adryanna and Bran are likable,  although their reactions and changes in feelings and behavior are often too fast to believe. The story, although not really unique, is appealing and interesting. A very good effort by Karen Michelle Nutt!

Mimi Smith