Trusting Flight

Heather M.

The day after Cara married Lynn, he disappeared with no warning. For a year, she hears nothing from him or from anyone else as to his whereabouts. What she does get is a stalker who chases her from one home to another and even follows her to another state. She can feel him watching her, but no one seems to be able to see him. Then one day he breaks in and attempts to kidnap her. Her husband shows up just in the nick of time to thwart the kidnapper and save Cara. Lynn is one of the eagle people and comes from another land. A marriage between a human and an eagle is frowned upon in his world.


This is an intriguing piece from the very start because there is no explanation as to why Lynn has been gone for so long. This draws the reader into the story right from the beginning. The eagle people are also a fascinating concept. What takes away from this exciting tale is the inconsistency of whether or not Cara knows about the eagle people. She seems to know about them, and then in subsequent chapters, she is ignorant of their existence. This makes it hard to follow the story. Cara and Lynn are the only well- developed characters; the others could use more depth. This is a very creatively written piece and book three in a series. It excels as a stand-alone novel.


 Belinda Wilson