Troll-y Yours (Book Two, The Centaur Series)


Ella is a troll with self-esteem issues resulting from a mother who is lacking in maternal instinct. Fed up, Ella decides to open her own business....Troll-y Yours, a speed dating service. During her first day of business, the roster is full - however, one participant doesn’t show and it throws off the numbers. Enter the most eligible bachelor, Kempor Aleksander, a shape shifting centaur. He has been sitting at the bar watching Ella, wanting her. When the participant problem arises, Ella asks Aleksander to fill the empty slot. This gives Aleksander the chance to get to know Ella better, and hopefully get her where he wants her...underneath him. As time passes, Aleksander begins to realize he wants more out of life (besides sex),and that includes Ella. However,  with a sudden uprising in the Boronda forest, Aleksander and Ella will be caught right in the middle. Will their newly blossoming relationship survive? 

“Troll-y Yours”, is the sequel to “Remedy Maker”, but is a book that easily stands on its own four hooves! Ms. Fredricks has a quintessential knack for building unique worlds, and characters.  Even though Ella lacks self esteem, she is smart and one can’t help but fall in love with her. Aleksander is one dreamy, funny, and just plain yummy! The only uncomfortable oddity is that Ella’s new business seems to just... disappear.  There is no explanation so one never knows what happens. “Troll-y yours” has something for everyone...humor, lust, love and intrigue, It even subtly deals with the issue of racism! For lovers of  unique and enchanting fantasy love stories, this one is a must! Well done Ms. Fredricks!


Tonya Smalley