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Deadly Serious

This book has received a DNF due to a ménage/orgy scene which violates our steam content guidelines.

Amanda Hupe


NOVELLA: Audrey uses the guise of a widow to get an audience with Mrs. Dove-Lyon. Most people want a marriage when they come to the Lyon’s Den, but Audrey just wants access to the event of the season, which is Vincent Lyon’s masquerade. It will be the perfect opportunity to steal—or rather, retrieve—a beautiful statue that rightfully belongs to her.

Lord Ernest is a notorious rake, and the young widow, Hebe Lock, is having none of his seduction! She is a budding artist and has been commissioned to paint some horses. Her spunky aunt accompanies Hebe to the estate where she discovers Lord Ernest will be there as well. Little does Hebe know that Lord Ernest has a way with animals.

Piper Prince has a special gift of magic powers that she is still learning to control, and then one day, nightmares start playing out in real life and putting everyone in danger. She then investigates why nightmares are becoming reality on Muse Island. She learns that the dream eater who is very hard to kill has been murdered.

An all-female black-ops group named Hera Force was created five years ago. The group is comprised of three females, Jo, Nadia, Jade, and then there’s Lincoln. The Hera Force was created to bring down terror groups, namely the Chess Master. While on a mission, the Chess Master ruins their mission, killing many people and ending the women’s careers and lives as they know them.