The Transformation of Anna (Cornerstone Deep #1)

Charlene A.

SCI-FI:  Three brothers - Cole, James and Vincent - Sentinels left to guard the portals to other realms. Sons of a Founder of Cornerstone Deep, they alone have the powers needed to maintain the peace. Lord Dressen, one of the many noblemen the brothers must serve, seeks only what he wants, paying no heed to the cost, even if it is a soul. Yet, what if the soul has lived before, and loved before, where does that lead? 

Anna is an artist, sought after by a man she doesn’t love. Elaina has found her soul mate. Connected by bizarre coincidence, these women will fight for their love, no matter the consequence, no matter if they even know what they are doing. 


The first in The Cornerstone Deep series, beckons the reader into a romantic tale as old as time, love solidified by the bond of the soul. The author easily delivers a lyrical tale with a flair for portraying the romantic side of men. The beautifully crafted cast of characters is the highlight of the tale. From developing the unique personalities of the Shilo brothers, to the sheer madness that is the ruling class, the writing flows almost flawlessly into the familial dynamics of the Cantrell family. The characters carry the story, helping the reader maneuver through the realms of the society, and the different levels of the tale. Minor discrepancies within some of the theology of the story drift away from the otherwise seamless plot, that builds to a frenzied climax, before drifting on the clouds of love, into the opening for more adventure to come. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto