Traces (Ghosts of Roseville, #1)


Meredith Reed, an architect-turned-demolition expert, is determined to raze the Alabama plantation she inherited from her grandmother, despite the fervent advice of estate lawyer Max Chandler.  She feels that if she returns the land back to its pristine state, it will symbolically help her to lay the pain of losing her husband to rest. Max is attracted to the standoffish widow, despite her prickly exterior and her stubborn insistence on destroying a treasured family inheritance.  He wants to woo her back into life with the possibility of another relationship, but he’s also going to make sure he uses all his resources to protect the plantation.  The arrival of Meredith’s sister and the ghost of a departed ancestor also throw chinks into Meredith’s coldhearted plan, but these sources of connection may also be her salvation from her relentless grief.


“Traces” has an interesting feel: part romance and part women’s fiction.  The rekindling of sisterly love between Meredith and Paulette was the most impactful aspect, whereas the romance between Meredith and Max felt like an afterthought. The ghostly aspects felt underdeveloped, considering its importance to the storyline. However, the sense of family, history and descriptions of the lovely old plantation home were very appealing.  Readers looking for a shorter novel that touches on themes of family, history and healing from the grief of a lost loved one may appreciate “Traces.”


Danielle Hill