Touch Me: Dark Sides Book 1


Payson, Braden, and several others throughout their city are descendants of Atlantians known as the Aeon and held in reserve until modern day. Each born with unique gifts, Aeons naturally radiate light and love though some choose to allow darkness to wash over them, and they gladly embrace it. There is a constant battle between the Aeons and the Dark, with Payson and Braden caught in the middle, trying to help an acquaintance turn back from the dark. However, she has other plans to throw the balance between light and dark out of whack, and nothing will stand in her way, including the man she has claimed to love all her life.

A full throttle, new take on the legends and myths surrounding Atlantis, “Touch Me” forces readers to hold on for dear life and invites them to enjoy the ride. Though the very beginning is jarring and slightly disjointed, the story comes together well after that.  There are a few spots here and there which slow down considerably. The characters, however, have the capacity to make readers’ hearts ache for the choices the characters must make and the effects of others’ decisions on them, but the story also lets readers feel the same overwhelming joy as characters in the book. The plot has enough of a sense of realism to be truly frightening, but it is mixed with a solid amount of hope as well. The urge to keep reading past the last page is quite strong—thankfully this is the first in a series!

Yannie Sorensen