Touch of Danger

Carol A.

The mighty parahero Valiant (Londo) has somehow been stripped of his superpowers and is able to touch and feel for the first time.  Mortal woman Lina has an abhorrence to physical contact, but fate has somehow thrown these two together. Now they must run from those that wish them harm. Their budding romance is only made harder by their respective limitations and needs...and the appearance of Lina's blossoming abilities.  Just when they feel as if they can overcome astronomical adversity, Londo's past comes back for him and their adventure goes beyond Earth's limitations. When Valiant's awesome power is overcome by his enemies, and he lies near death, it's Lina's burgeoning powers and Londo's suspicious alien superhero friends that may be the only thing keeping him alive.

A somewhat confusing and slow start led to an explosion and action packed finish for this completely unconventional superhero romance. The story jumps into the para-hero aspect with little to no initial world building, making the para-heroes a vague and limited idea.  As the first part focuses mostly on the romance, there wasn't a lot of room left for the details needed to introduce the reader to Valiant and his friends.  However, once Lina and Londo get past their initial hangups and the real bad guys show up, the intensity level kicks up a notch or ten.  Loads of goofy humor and a compelling romance keep the story interesting, and a slew of captivating and sometimes creepy secondary characters made for a riveting conclusion to this superhero story. 

Nicole Duke