Touch of Breeze


London is worried about her twin brother Lincoln — she cannot contact him, and fears the worst. She has a bad feeling that the men hunting her have already abducted her brother. They are a rare breed of were-jaguar, and an evil man is adding to his current collection of shifters. Breeze Dawson is one of the Jag Guardians, but is suspended due to his careless vigilante style. When he sees something suspicious outside London’s place of business, he springs into action. Is the evil lurking there too much for both of them to handle? Will they save Lincoln and the other shifters in time?

“Touch of Breeze” is a cleverly crafted paranormal tale. The story is unique and the hero and heroine truly get to save many. More back-story on the parents may aid readers earlier in the story to grasp what is a threat to their family. The love between Breeze and London is swift but lends to a natural progression and common ground. The suspense and London's gift becomes a touching closing for Breeze and his dad Trey. Breeze has a tragic past and upbringing; readers will be drawn to him. Paranormal and shifter fans will enjoy this gripping tale of good vs. evil and romance woven into the small moments that grow with the story. 

Viola Robins