Too Fast for Love (The Guardians, Book 1)


Ezekiel - call him Zeke - is a guardian angel, and Chloe is his wild, daredevil charge; and she’s driving him crazy.  Though he has other charges, he spends most of his time trying to keep her safe while she races cars, skydives, bungee jumps and climbs cliffs—anything for a thrill.  But guardian angels aren’t supposed to fall for their humans, and they absolutely aren’t supposed to have physical contact with them.  Zeke does both when he saves Chloe from her creep ex-boyfriend.  Instead of the punishment he fears, Zeke learns that Chloe has a mysterious fate that puts her in danger, and it’s up to him to protect her from more than her own recklessness.


This action-packed tale is full of hunkish angels and beautiful humans.  Ms. James does a good job of making her readers believe that angels could exist, and that they are gritty and full of their own foibles and desires.  Chloe and Zeke are sympathetic, well-crafted characters the reader is able to identify with, but more than that, the minor characters, angels and humans alike, come to life and add flavor.  The action is fast-paced and at times harrowing, and the sex is hot and graphic (though how do the wings not get in the way?).  On occasion, the heavenly division of labor seems odd, and why the bad guys are so powerful isn’t quite clear.  That aside, “Too Fast for Love” is an exciting story that keeps its readers entertained and hoping for their own guardian angel.


Marc Joseph