Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

Midnight’s Redemption

Mack Butler is not your average hero.  He is a Cynn Crour (they protect humans) and a former Scatha Cruor (they hunt and sell humans into slavery).  When Jasmine meets him, he has abducted her supposedly to keep her safe from the Scatha Cruors.  Things are even more tenuous for her because she is blind and only has her dog Mutt with her.  She is terrified both of the man who has taken her but a

When teen-aged werewolf Heidi is left dead on her pack’s doorstep in Silverton, CA, Ali, the pack’s accountant and second-in-command goes against pack rules and teams up with vampire Eli, Assistant Director of the Interracial Enforcement Agency (IEA) to find her murderer.  The two investigate Heidi’s death with the assistance of an eager demon informant named Jack and two agents of IEA, hoping

Bringing new meaning to “Can’t keep a man”, Janie Robinson is convinced her love life is cursed!

A Timeless Romance Anthology: Midsummer Night
Charlie N. Holmberg, Julie Wright, Annette Lyon,
Jane Redd, Amber Argyle, Luisa Perkins

FANTASY:  Aster is in love with Celtin but is unsure of how he feels about her, so she convinces her friend to use his magic to make her appear to be someone else to attend Celtin’s performance.

Grace’s sister has been visited by a ghost. Though Grace cannot see him, she can speak with him and is determined to assist him. Their journey lends itself to self-discovery.

The Rings of Faolan-Emeralds
Kristal Dawn

After avenging her parents’ death with her brothers, Elise discovers a pre-arranged marriage deal with another clan, another alpha. With hopelessness settling upon her shoulders, she makes the decision to run, hoping the man would not stick around. Elijah will not be deterred so easily. He sticks around to build up her estate and pick up the pieces of her disappearing act.