Titanian Chronicles: Journey of Destiny, Book 1


EPIC FANTASY:  The beginning entry in the Titanian Chronicles epic fantasy series takes place in a world called Titania.  The lead characters are Afeclin, Wolflang, and Lenna.  Afeclin is a human who was raised by Endorf, the Elvin King of Tebelligan after his parents were killed in the Human War. His Elf best friend Wolflang, is in love with Lenna, their young  Elf-woman mutual friend.  Afeclin’s great love, despite his unrequited feelings for Lenna, is magic. He plans to leave Tebelligan and learn wizardry from Zallucien, the greatest wizard of all. Wolflang has a latent desire for adventure that spurs him to accompany Afeclin.  Lenna, eager to marry Wolflang, is confused by his lack of interest in their future life together. When she finds a goodbye letter from Wolflang, she follows.  The three friends embark on a journey to places of incredible new sights, adventure, and perils beyond their imagination.  Will they find their destinies in this world beyond Tebelligan?


The imaginative creatures and races, descriptive imagery, and near-constant adventure make “Journey of Destiny” a very enjoyable book! The world-building is good, and the lead characters are sympathetic and distinctive.  Additionally, there are beautiful charcoal pencil sketches at the beginning and end of each chapter by the artist Kristen Caruana.  While this is a good start to a series, it could use a little more spark and something truly unique to make it standout in this classic genre with its very discriminating fans.   However, the “Titanian Chronicles” should appeal to fantasy readers who love a good, clean tale!


Danielle Hill