A Timeless Romance Anthology: Midsummer Night

Charlie N. Holmberg, Julie Wright, Annette Lyon,
Jane Redd, Amber Argyle, Luisa Perkins

FANTASY:  Aster is in love with Celtin but is unsure of how he feels about her, so she convinces her friend to use his magic to make her appear to be someone else to attend Celtin’s performance.

Grace’s sister has been visited by a ghost. Though Grace cannot see him, she can speak with him and is determined to assist him. Their journey lends itself to self-discovery.

Fia is on her deathbed.  To save Fia’s life, her sister, Saara, must go in search of a magic relic and convince a healer to help. Meeting Timo was not part of the plan, but her heart sure is happy to have him.  

Felicia is betrothed to Moss but decides she cannot be married to someone she doesn’t love, so she elopes with another. Cornelia is required to stand in for her sister at the wedding and dupe Moss, but when he discovers the plot, both hearts become intertwined and healed. 

Leaving her past behind, Caelia heads into the woods where girls do not return and meets Gendrin, making the decision to join his world.

Lucie is at a celebration in modern times only to fall into a fire and wake up in 1640. Through challenges, she finds where her heart is truly meant to be. 

A truly enchanting collection of short stories! Each story will have readers wanting to read more about its characters and their tales. Though Fia and Saara’s story is a bit hard to follow, Cornelia’s story balances it by being utterly breathtaking in every sense. All the stories tie together with the theme of magic but are different enough to engage the audience on their own. Each narration starts at just the right place with appropriate pacing. All the characters are well written, personable, and unique. A remarkable introduction to each of the authors!

Yannie Sorensen