Timeless Night (New Camelot, #1)


In the year 1012, during the time of Arthur and Merlin, Lancelot loses his beloved wife, Vivienne, in battle; killed by Mordred, mortal enemy of Merlin, Arthur and his knights. Merlin intervenes and turns Lancelot and the others immortal, as vampires, to protect the innocent from Mordred and his evil mother Morgan. But Vivienne’s death sparked the beginning of a prophecy that Morgan had been trying to prevent, a prophecy which begins to play out in modern day Los Angeles.


Bri is a mouthy, spirited and independent woman, who has recently witnessed the death of her brother at the hands of vampires, of all things. Unknown to her, she is also Vivienne reincarnated and has the power to defeat Morgan and her son Mordred. She is pulled into the world of vampires and mages when Lancelot, now called Alexander, has to turn her in order to save her from wounds inflicted by an enemy vampire. Alexander feels his love is what got Vivienne killed and he’s determined not to allow that to happen to Bri. 


Ms. James entwines the legends of Excalibur with the myths of vampires and pulls together an intriguing tale of magic, action and romance. She takes two well-worn and over-used plots but blends them nicely into a beautifully written, unique and refreshing tale. Her imaginative story brings old favorites to life without repeating the tired, overused characteristics of the characters common in the old tales of Excalibur. Readers will not be able to put this book down until that last page turns!


Molly S. Daniels