Timeless Desire (New Camelot #2)


After the death of Sabrina, the Great Light, those from Camelot are now reincarnated into the modern day world. Waking up centuries later, the hurt still resides in Nimue’s heart and the only thing she needs from Gawain, her husband, is his blood. Thinking that her husband Gawain has betrayed her, Nimue has made it her goal in life to make his miserable. She hopes one day she will be able to break their blood link and move forward with her life.


Gawain, one of King Arthur’s greatest and noblest knights, was hoping that his beautiful wife Nimue’s hate would dissipate with time. No such luck. His “Lady Disdain” continues to berate him, even when he has done nothing wrong. His honor and love never waiver, even with the arrival of new enemies who seek to destroy them. There is a deep secret that Gawain holds close to his chest, and it would destroy Nimue even though it might possibly reverse her hatred, but he loves her too much to ever let her find out. 


Talk about a unique spin on the characters of Camelot!  Ms. James writes with a delightful snarky wit. This is the second book in the New Camelot series, and it is recommended that one start with book one. It becomes quite confusing with the reincarnation of old characters with new names.  The love hate relationship of the main characters does become a bit tedious. There is an f/f scene that plays to a character’s personality, so be aware. Ms. James writes distinctive, fun, and entertaining tales!


Lynne Bryant