Tides of Time


Cami and her 3 sisters live in southern California.  Cami is a veterinarian currently studying for her boards who is trying to move on from a past relationship.  The three sisters end up walking into a restaurant owned by Sam, who is immediately taken with Cami.  When Sam’s dog gets sick and he takes it to the vet clinic where Cami works, they start talking and eventually begin dating.  When Cami’s sister Mina starts looking into a mystery from the 1930s, Cami and Sam offer to help.  They all get drawn in to helping figure out what happened so long ago.  As Cami’s budding romance with Sam continues, she becomes scared of what he will do if he learns about the powers that her family has.  A previous relationship that Cami recently left continues to haunt her as she tries to move on to a new relationship with Sam.  

This story is so much more than just a romance! There are so many other facets to it, that the reader never knows what is going to happen next.  Having the main characters researching the death of an old actress within the story is like a story within a story.  The special powers that each sister uses also brings just a little paranormal into the mix.  The author’s description of the water scenes makes the reader almost able to feel the ocean spray!  So much in this story will keep the reader engaged, it will be very hard to put the book down!

Stephanie Shaw