Thwarting Cupid


Quincy the Cupid has never met a more perfect woman than Carissa. There’s nothing he loves more than being in her presence. Obviously, there’s no one good enough for her!  And that Hutch character doesn’t even come close. His assignment:  To help Carissa find love.  His goal: keep them apart.

Carissa hasn’t felt this miserable, well, ever. Losing her parents was a tough blow-especially considering she had to weather it alone. At this point she’s wondering: why hasn’t she been able to find someone to love? 

Hutch can’t believe he ran into Carissa again, after all these years. Once he was almost in love with her - and that spark between them is rekindled quickly, as they take what might be the strangest path to a Happily Ever After.

Looking for something to make you laugh, fall in love and sigh? This is your book! Carissa and Hutch are just so incredibly sweet together - even Quincy is adorable in a way. “Thwarting Cupid” is mostly event driven, though, so readers should be prepared to follow the couple from one amusing obstacle to the next, as they grow to love again. Especially delightful are the brief visions of the future readers glimpse through character’s dreams. The one thing that is missing are characters’ backgrounds, quirks of personality etc (especially Hutch’s,) that would add needed depth. Everyone looking for romance with a touch of absurd shouldn’t hesitate in choosing this book! 

Mimi Smith