Thunder Struck – Storm Canyon Book 1


Evangeline is running away. From her family, her home, her life. She finds refuge by staying at the Silver Spear Ranch, a beautiful horse and nature ranch in South Dakota. While drowning her sorrows in a bottle of bourbon, she sees a beautiful silver stallion running wild through the canyon, and is drawn to it beyond reason. Maverick is a surly, quiet cowboy with a major affinity for horses who avoids guests like the plague… except for Evangeline. He cannot ignore, nor escape the pull he feels towards her that gets stronger every time she is around. However, he is hiding a secret big enough to destroy their burgeoning relationship if he opens up to her. Evangeline needs to come to terms with her past in order to move forward, but the question remains — can she accept all of Maverick?

“Thunder Struck” is an enticing start to the series. Evangeline is a bubbly, fun character with a great sense of humor that will have readers chuckling at her antics. Maverick seems the polar opposite at first, but then he is keeping the fact that he is a horse-shifter a secret from Evangeline. When he opens up, he is very charismatic and compelling. The main issue is the multitude of typos and punctuation mistakes that run through the entire book. It is incredibly distracting and annoying because the story itself is a well-paced and fun read. Even the secondary characters will bring a smile to the reader’s face. It is something new, and lovers of the shifter genre will want to keep their eye out for more in this series. It is definitely worth a read.  

Katy Nielsen