Through Her Eyes (Mind's Eye Book 4)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  New Orleans is a city with a lot of haunting activity. Trudy Tucker and Levi Wolfe are psychics hunting a serial killer who has been killing for over ten years. The person they believe responsible is paralyzed and one of the murders has occurred after their paralysis. Trudy and Levi have to work quickly to figure out if their suspect is somehow managing to kill people, or do they have a copycat or second killer on their hands​? Will their relationship survive the tensions that come with such a mammoth task?

The first thing that strikes an interest with this book is the descriptions of surroundings. Deborah Camp is able to place a reader right in the middle of the action. Trudy and Levi are fantastic characters and despite the chemistry and love between them, there are still moments of tension both sexual and general. Definitely a series to go back and read if starting with this book. The passion and heat mixed with the suspense and tension make this book a five star read and ultimate page turner. Mystery, intrigue and suspense all come together in a fast-paced plot where the characters leap off the page. An amazing book not to be missed!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick