A Thousand Glass Flowers


In a land where humans and “Others” entertwine, two souls find each other in a quest that will change, not only their lives, but the lives of all those around them.

Finnian is “Other”.  Raised by a hate-filledl and abusive witch of a grandmother, his only goal is to escape and rid his life of her evil. In order to do this, he must track down the secrets that will stop her for good.  Lalita is human.  Innocent and kind but, while left in the care of her greedy uncle, is sold into a harem to be used and discarded.  Just at the point where she chooses death, she discovers a secret that could save her.
As each races to possess that which will save them, Finnian and Lalita find each other, but trust is a shakey commodity and even as love grows neither is sure they can risk losing everything for the one thing they crave - love.
In this rich fantasy of a story, Ms. Batten pens a world so real, yet so elusive, the reader is drawn immediately in to discover! The characters are expertly drawn and humanly flawed in such a way that one not only understands but feels their fears, their hopes and their weaknesses. The story is obviously a continuation of an earlier work, but unfortunately, the background is not sufficiently explained.  This that leaves a first time reader somewhat frustrated because they can never quite understand the important nuances. Still, the beauty of the writing is captivating enough to make this a delectable treat to read!
TJ Mackay