Thieves Honor


HISTORICAL/REGENCY/FANTASY:  Em Stackpole is a criminal - one who is able to infiltrate the upper society of London and use it to her advantage. She longs to get off the street but has never had the chance until now.  When Thomas Dalton makes her an offer to assist him in finding a missing jewel, she sees her chance and takes it. As they work together to find the jewel, neither can deny the growing feelings for one another; however they have more important matters to contend with. Learning about themselves brings some harsh realities and they will have to decide if they can be more than partners in crime.


The opening scene of this book is absolutely fantastic! The reader is thrust into the head of a predator stalking his next victim. The story then progresses to the main characters signaling the beginning of an interesting relationship and exciting journey for both of them. Thomas isn't your typical alpha male - he's strong, however there is a masculine majesty about him that is swoon-worthy. Jamilia Brinkely has certainly done her research on historical London and has captured the setting perfectly as well as the language and dialogue of the time. Readers will enjoy this journey through the dark streets of London with awesome description and a beautiful love story. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick