Thicker Than Water


LGBTQ/M/M:  Shifters, vampires, and humans live in uneasy proximity in a surreal version of Australia from the most rugged terrain of the Outback to the most sophisticated urban areas. At the Supernatural Investigation & Crime Bureau, rebellious son of a brutal alpha, Agent Callen Blackheath is a rule-breaker and a shifter who always gets results. His approach generates constant conflict with his boss. When an investigation goes sideways, Callen suffers a devastating loss and finds Liam Thatcher. Liam is a mysterious, powerful man juggling multiple missions, agendas, and priorities. His and Callen’s personal attraction makes their complicated work situation more challenging. Dealing with mad scientists, traffickers, and other shady characters with questionable loyalties tests their professional skills and their psychological stamina. They’ve got to act fast to defeat a network of diabolical baddies. 

“Thicker Than Water” immediately establishes Callen’s distinctive voice as a charming nonconformist with a tender heart. His combination of competence, vulnerability, and mischievous attitude contrasts with Liam’s more authoritative, reserved, and serious personality traits. Together they create a strong sense of emotional depth and tenderness toward each other and the members of their extended circle of family, friends, and trusted coworkers. Scenes of fast-paced skirmishes, slower exchanges of aftermath, and moments of downtime and personal revelations that accelerate into more conflict make Callen and Liam’s love story a rollicking roller coaster of a read!

Cardyn Brooks