Tenth Degree of the Paranormal


Barbara Stevens has always suppressed her paranormal abilities. Even with her life crashing down around her, she avoids anything to do with The Power. However, this has not stopped her young daughter Tiffany from using her own powers. Despite her concerns, Barbara is forced to allow Tiffany to learn from a professor possessing dubious intentions. When they are kidnapped by an organization bent on using Tiffanys abilities to open a demon portal, it will take an unusual assortment of people to save them and close the portal.


A paranormal family drama, Tenth Degree of the Paranormalexplores an interesting concept. The problem is that none of the main characters are likable and the paranormal setting ends up twisted from a basic good versus evil with hints at vampires/ werewolves, to something involving Biblical characters. Barbara Stevens was betrayed by her ex-husband when he had an affair, and as an effect of that betrayal, she becomes a basket case under the control of her ex-husband and the evil Professor who controls him. When the Ex figures the latter out, its too late, but he valiantly tries to save his family, his betrayal justified by the fact he was tricked. On the other side is an insta-love Ex from Barbaras previous life who wants to save her this time. Tiffany is set up to be a twelve year-old super power but she is easily controlled as well. Confused yet? Altogether, its the extreme weakness of the characters that ultimately holds this book and its promising concept back.


Sarah E. Bradley