Tempting Jo


Rafael has been Jo Sanford’s guardian angel since she was a little girl. At twenty-five, she leaves her impoverished roots behind and ends up in the employ of Luc (short for Lucifer) as his admin assistant. Jo’s tenacious resilience draws two admirers. Both are from heaven, but one is a fallen brother who wants to lead her down a dark path. The other hides his white wings and is sent by God to experience life. In order to protect Jo, Rafe is tempted right into the arms of love, but to his chagrin Lucifer seems to have Jo’s heart and desire.


“Tempting Jo” is a love story touched by angels. Lucky for Jo, they’re the hot and sexy kind! In this character-driven story, the heroine desires her devilishly handsome boss Luc and her childhood friend Rafe. As devils go, Lucifer isn’t really evil enough. He's more a likeable man-whore in a Gucci suit who tries to seduce Jo, only to end up enamored by her gumption. The plot revolves around who will win Jo’s heart. At times, the scenes paddle in place not making any headway. The story dragged past the pinnacle scene, somewhat deflating the ending. The devil wants Jo as his consort, while Rafe falls in love with her. Even the big “G” himself has a part in this humorous romance. But Atticus wins the blue ribbon. Who is he? Guess the answer lies in picking up this light-hearted novel to find out.


Sloane Austen