Tempting the Dryad (The Fada Shapeshifter Series, #3)


Tiago do Rio is a warrior for the Rock Run clan, a water fada holding not just one Gift, but two. His second Gift is rare, dark, and powerful. He’s certain that his clan will not accept it, or him, so he hides it - until the day that’s no longer an option. When his fae friend Alesia, a dryad living on and caring for an island in Rock Run territory, is put in danger, Tiago must use his Gift even if it means exile or a death sentence from his clan. Tiago and Alesia are destined to be mates, a highly unlikely combination. Will they live long enough to see a relationship to fruition?

Taking a swing at a mythology/fantasy/suspense hybrid and hitting it out into deep left field, this fascinating, expertly penned tale of love everlasting travels right out of the paranormal romance park and into the record books! This may be book 3 of the series, but the reader experiences no confusion or disorientation when starting here. An excellent blend of unique characters, complex world, suspenseful plot, and smooth dialogue make this story a true page turner. A small bit of unnecessary dialogue and beyond-the-pale behavior are the only missteps in an otherwise captivating tale that takes the paranormal romance formula and lovingly embellishes it with breadth and depth. Hand-picked mythology seasoned with suspense and garnished with steamy loving is one tasty treat fit for the pickiest of gods!

Carol Conley