The Temptation of Dragons (Penny White, #1)


Penny White is going about her daily routine as the vicar of a small English village, when life as she knows it shifts to what others would consider unbelievable. Penny sees a dragon with her own two eyes, and her Bishop clues her into a whole other parallel world called Daear, where the supernatural mirrors the human realm of Earth. Sometimes beings from both worlds accidentally cross over and the Bishop offers her the position of Vicar General of Incursions. Her duties would include dealing with such incidents in her territory. Accepting the position adds to her workload and leads her down paths she never expected to tread.

There’s humor aplenty in this fantastical blending of religion and the supernatural. Father Penny White can be irreverent at times, but she is devout in her love of God and her calling to help others even when those others are entities she thought imaginary. The world is richly penned with fully developed larger-than-life characters, a beautiful and believable world, and a premise that will tickle the fancy of anyone who loves a decent mystery wrapped in a shroud of fantasy. The only slight drawback to this entertaining story may be the extensive "Dr. Who" references which readers may find cumbersome if not acquainted with the series and keeping up with the Welsh language of Daear. A glossary would have proven most helpful. A nearly flawless tale of a flawed woman doing her best with humor and faith, though not always with dignity, in a strange new world, this is one magical creation not to be missed!

Carol Conley