Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

The Knight family has traversed many adventures and challenges, but now they face the greatest of all - their destruction. Samuel Corbin, once a human detective, now acts as an Enforcer for the family, but he cannot let go of the detective within his soul.

This collection by JoAnne Meyers contains eleven short horror stories. ‘Welcome to Anna’

The vampire Gage has found the love of his life; his mate, the Fey Princess, Serena. But she was promised as a child to a Fey Prince on the other side of the world, and nothing either can do will change that.

Love on Loch Ness

The Loch Ness monster has drawn hundreds to the loch in Scotland, but this time a trio of scientists are determined to put all the speculation and myths to rest. However, their goals differ. Dr.

Lily has been dumped and abandoned in the woods by her boyfriend of five years. Lost and heartbroken, she wanders for ages before hearing beautiful music that leads her to a clearing in the forest.  There she sees a handsome man playing a pan flute.