Reviews - Paranormal/Fantasy

TIME TRAVEL:  Brigid Moira O’Neill has received an ancient sword - but from whom, she does not know. All she knows is she must return it to its rightful owner in Scotland. When she arrives in Scotland, Conn MacRoich is her guide.

After inheriting a home she knew nothing about, and hoping that a move across the country has lost the demon plaguing her nightmares, Golden meets Kris when she applies for a job as his grandmother’s caretaker. Their attraction is instant, and confusing for both of them.

SUSPENSE THRILLER:  “Spirited Away” by Angela Campbell is a fascinating paranormal/suspense/romance that is hauntingly believable, heartwarming, and dangerous all rolled up into a well-ordered package! Ms. Campbell created a maze of locations that sends her characters scrambling to understand while trying to keep themselves alive. That is where Ms.

Dark Obsession

SUSPENSE-THRILLER/ OCCULT:  Ray Chavez happens upon a stranded motorist that will forever change his life. Lexie Solis has run from New York, finding herself on the side of the road, hungry, tired, and out of gas in Texas.

Getting It Right

Selene dates one man after the other, from her abusive husband to a bad boy lover, but she can’t seem to find the right guy for her. There are plenty of potential candidates to choose from, but finding the right match proves next to impossible.