Tempest Rise (Treborel: Book One)



Lady Lysette has worked hard to become a noted pediatrician proficient with a longbow. She doesn’t want, nor does she require, the tired shallow attentions of royal suitors. And this barbaric mountain prince is no exception. He does look rather handsome in his uniform though…   Prince Katar is tired of the pressure to produce an heir. He has no plans to marry and would rather spend his time hunting ferocious sraebs in the Northern Mountains. When he’s unexpectedly asked to take Commander Connor on a hunt, instead of King William, he can’t help but feel that something is off.   


An entertaining paranormal/sci-fi romance with intriguing plot lines and rich characters! The author has a talent for interweaving more than one storyline. Most books with multiple story lines tend to confuse, but Stanford handles the dance with precision. Many paranormal/sci-fi novels also have a tendency to include a lot of specific technical details that can be overwhelming. Tempest Rise skirts that tendency but settles as the story unfolds. The romance is charming with a hero and heroine worthy of cheering for but Lysette’s trust in people she’s never known is frustrating. The intertwining story lines encourage eager reading and easily convince the reader to anticipate the next installment of Tempest Rise.


Sandy Ponton