The Tao of Viper


MYSTERY:  Dr. Kate Pomeroy is finally getting her life back after possibly the worst year of her life. Her medical clinic is opening, she is putting the past behind her, and her boyfriend, Jeremy just proposed. Ready to move on to a bright future, her plans are derailed when dangers from her past come knocking and threaten her happiness. As her carefully rebuilt life begins to unfold, Kate must face her fears and embrace the world of impossibilities to save the life of Jeremy and their future. 

This book captures the reader from page one and holds them enthralled until the end! The suspense, action, and danger are well written and make the reader feel they are a part of the world the author has created.  The scenes of Kate in the silo (that only she can see) will both chill and warm the reader at the same time. The author does a great job of conveying the betrayal of Kate’s friend, the evil of the old man, and the personality change in Jeremy.

The plot is engaging, and pacing of the book is spot on, making the reader want to keep turning the pages. The characters are well-written and believable. The back-story of Maude and Ian is fascinating and adds to the progression of the current plotline. The ending is satisfying and leaves the reader craving more of Kate, her story, and the consequences faced by some of the more notable secondary characters.

Carly Fulmer