Taming the Night


Alicia rides her Harley through the byways of America attracting deadly creatures that prey on innocent people. She’ll have to do it for eternity and she’s only eight years into the game. When Jerry, a hard, handsome police officer chases her down one night, it will take a lot of faith in the beautiful Alicia not only to survive but to believe that things DO go bump in the night. They’re both survivors, but maybe fate is thrusting them together for a reason. Like, maybe, saving the human race. 


“Taming the Night” is packed with hot characters, sizzling scenes and hold-your-breath action. Enjoyable is an understatement. Good news! It’s the first book in a series. The storyline is wrapped up, so cliff hanger is too harsh, but there will be more to Alicia, Jerry and the introduction of secondary characters who will step into the spotlight. A few repetitive editing errors, a little confusion as to Alicia’s image (is she a vampire or a feline shifter) and the amount of injury Jerry sustains but keeps ticking, removed a shiny star from the rating. Don’t sweat the small stuff. The action scenes are fluid. The chemistry between the characters is sparking good, and the tension ramps up to supersonic levels. Readers will definitely be standing by for book two!

Natasza Waters