Tame The Blade (League of Blades Book 1)


Elwynn Diablo hasn't had the easiest life. She has been through the system and is used to being alone. When powers she didn't know she possessed come out of nowhere, she finds herself in mortal danger. She then finds herself in the company of a male who makes every cell in her body feel alive. Blade is part of the League of Blades, immortal warriors who protect innocents from evil. When he is tasked with keeping Elwynn alive while she learns how to harness her powers, he doesn't expect to start developing feelings for her. The League has plans for Elwynn, but Blade is forced to choose between keeping her with him or never seeing her again. 

Alyna Lochlan has come out swinging with the first installment of her League of Blades series. The characters are strong and varied, and come to life in a fast-moving plot that will keep fans of paranormal romance enthralled for hours. With an engaging plot and passion throughout, this is certainly a series to keep a very close eye on. Some aspects of Elwynn’s character are a little questionable, however this doesn't take much away from the book. This is an excellent novel from a talented author. Thrilling and sexy! A must read for 2019. Add this book to the reading list, it's truly an exciting read. Definitely a series to keep a very close eye on as the first book has outdone itself. It will be exciting to see where the series goes!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick