A Tale of Two Djinns

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Akshay, prince of the earth djinns, is tired of his life. His people aren’t prospering, the constant warlike state of affairs with the water djinns is draining (no pun intended), and now his best friend lost his life to an assassin hired by the water djinns. He desperately needs relief. And then he meets Maya.

Maya, princess of the water djinns, has needs of her own. Since she never intends to marry she needs to conceive an heir with a djinn, preferably a powerful one. Shay, the compelling stranger she meets in a bar seems rather perfect. Neither of them expected anything more than a one-night stand. And then fate interfered. How can two people, enemies, ever find happiness? 

The plot itself may be used often, but Ms. Khan did manage to pull it off, to give something unique to her characters to make her story stand out. Shay is a wonderful hero who isn’t afraid of admitting his feelings, even when Maya wasn’t able to. Unfortunately,  Maya’s secrets didn’t endear her to the reader. The story was engaging, the world of djinn intriguing (looking forward to reading more books set in it), but a bit more attention given to the relationship itself, rather than the djinn politics would have made this story even better.

Ana Smith