Switched, Too


Scott Charella went into the Navy and then the astronaut program, because he had always dreamed of going into space. When the government cut the space program, Scott lost his chance to do so. Until his twin brother, Captain Marcus Viator of the Star Ship Fleet Command Freedom, offered him a chance of a lifetime, to go into space as him. Scott jumped at the chance, putting him in the middle of chaos due to a saboteur. With the help of the prim and proper Officer Veronese Qilana, at his side, he can accomplish his mission.

Officer Veronese Qilana is helping Scott Charella take the place of the real captain of the star fleet ship she is assigned to. In doing so, she breaks all the rules she was taught to live by. Veronese feels it will be worth all the lies, if she can help save the captain and the crew from those that wish to harm them, even as she finds her self drawn to the impostor.

Scott and Veronese are dealing with sabotage, lies, and hidden truths. Even with all that going on, they may have found something ever scarier to them -  love? Or is it possible that it’s nothing more than a need to protect the person with a common goal? They find out the answers to this and much more in the thrilling tale of “Switched, Too” by Diane Burton.  A story filled with substantial detail that will fill the imagination, leaving the reader wanting more with each page turned!
 Melody Prat