Sweet Sexy Sadie


Sadie Monroe is in the Sierra Madres Mountains doing some research in order to put together a grant request for her research team. When her mustang overheats in the desert she meets a hot sexy man named Brody McKenna. Using Sadie’s cell phone Brody calls his brother to bring a tow truck out. That’s the easy part. Now, he needs to tell her that she’s destined to be his mate, he’s a jaguar shifter and she’s being stalked by a Chullachaqui or a Peruvian Amazonian devil. That part is not going to be so easy to accomplish.

While jaguar shifters are a fixture in many shifter tales, a Chullachaqui is an interesting and unusual addition to any story. The plot of “Sweet Sexy Sadie” is a good one. However, the characters are not as well-fleshed as they could be. The reader gets no sense of Sadie or Brody and their connection is more a disconnection based only on hot sex. The story itself is very sparse in detail and in need of elaboration. In addition, the writing is very choppy with incomplete sentences the norm. Perhaps this is the writing style of the author, but it makes the reading experience slow going as the reader is required to fill in what it is not provided. The bones of this novella are excellent. Additional weight added to the characters, dialogue and plot would make this an excellent well-rounded story.


Carol Conley