Karen S.

Aurora, a grieving widow, learns the man she loved wasn’t the man she knew at all. Clawing her way back from the dark shadows death casts on a heart, she is helped from an unlikely source to right the wrongs of the past, and break an unhealthy union. Appalling secrets her husband kept, draw Aurora into danger. Yet, she’s not alone on her journey to rid herself of her husband’s illegal and immoral lifestyle he leaves behind. 

Sunspots is a long, painful story about a woman investigating her deceased husband’s duel life in order to heal herself. Reading this novel is an arduous journey as it dawdled along. The plot brushes against paranormal, lightly touches romance, but doesn’t really grab hold of either. The reader is enveloped in the thick fog of Aurora’s grief and isn’t released until the end. Written in First Person, the reader wades through a two hundred page litany. Dialogue is weak and sparse, making this a longwinded narrative. A rewrite in third person, to allow the readers a break from the woes of the heroine, could give this story legs. 

The secondary characters are developed and nurturing to the creative and flighty main character, who is not very appealing. Those who love prose will admire Ms. Bell’s flare. The great lesson in this story is obsessive love can be devastating and healing takes courage. Powerful knowledge all women should take to heart.

Natasza Waters