Summer Snow (The Lunar Twilight Prophecies Book 3)


Trouble begins again as Grant and Nonny are about to give birth to twins. With the elders refusing to grant protection, Mary believes it is time once again to save her clan and protect her grand-babies. Attempting to bind their powers and hide them from evil she is unable to protect them fully and finds her own gifts weakening. When a new clan, The Drobnys, emerge and begin to take over without resistance, Mary must rely on the bonds between Grant and Nonny and Tristan and Jade to stop evil from winning. As evil pulls on one twin, the protection over the other may be the only thing that keeps Diamante and Keegan from triumphing in the end.


As the third book in the “Lunar Twilight Prophecies”, “Summer Snow” is not a stand-alone novel. A mix of vampires, prophecies, magic, and good versus evil, the romance in this series is already established and instead the focus is on revealing secrets and building for the final battle. Admittedly, the premise of the story is good and the characters are intriguing; however, the pace is jarring and time is fluid - often within chapters, days, weeks, or even years are suddenly skipped without warning. Further, the perspective constantly jumps between characters without notice which can be confusing. Still, fans of this series will find themselves with a great deal of adventure to be had, and even with more to follow.


Sarah E. Bradley