The Succubus Gift (The Telepathic Clans, #1)

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Brenna Morgan is surprised one evening to feel the presence of other telepaths in her home town of Baltimore. Orphaned at age eight, she grew up believing she was alone, the only person with her gift. Now that she’s met others like her and even finds out she has family, her whole world is changing. But is it changing for the better?

This story is well-written with a plot that proceeds at a fast clip. The characters are interesting and the world is fascinating with a bit of a different twist on how people were bestowed the Telepathic Gifts and how they are used. Great detail is given to the Gifts, how they are arranged inside a person and how they can be used. There hasn’t been a person with more than 15 of the 25 Gifts in the history of the Clan until Brenna. She has all 25 and because she has the Succubus Gift, the reader is given a lot of information as to what this entails... Fascinating!


The problem with this story is Brenna is too perfect. We’re told she’s beautiful beyond compare, extremely intelligent, humble, has a fantastic figure, has all 25 Gifts, discovers she’s a millionaire and everyone either instantly likes/loves her. She doesn’t appear to have any flaws and that makes it difficult to relate to her. This doesn’t stop the reader from turning the page to see what happens next, but the enjoyment isn’t as fulfilling as it could be.


Carol Conley