Storm Crazy (Destiny Paramortals: Book 1)


The sheriff has just gone through a nasty divorce and wants to raise his teenage daughter in a Mayberry-like setting. That is what he believes he is getting into when he moves to Storm Lake. He has no idea that this town harbors all kinds of paramortals such as djnni, Tempestaerie, and Nucklavee, along with the human population. 


Tempest Pomeroy is a Tempestaerie who has not yet come into her own and is in major crisis. Her brother, River is missing. She has to convince hunky sheriff Jack Lang that River really is missing and so is her mother, Phoebe. Tempe is having a particularly bad week as a postal worker as she deals with postal inspectors, an irate boss, and other paramortals. Will she escape this week with her sanity intact?


This is a comic little cozy that slugs along. Although there is little character development in this first of a series, there is great potential that promises more and better to come. Tempe is interesting and very conflicted, which is the meat of this piece. The novel can be considered a mystery, yet nothing is resolved in the end. River and Phoebe are still missing, the murderer is still loose with no key as to his identity, and even the men who accompany Phoebe are missing. Obviously, the book ends as a real cliffhanger! With so many threads left hanging, however, it is ver frustrating.  Still, it does leave the reader impatiently waiting for the next novel to see how the story ends.


Belinda Wilson