The Stones of Kaldaar, Songs of the Swords, #1


FANTASY:  When Taryn and her grandfather Brandt leave Earth to return to Aelinae, Taryn has no idea that she’s not from Earth. She knows nothing about other worlds or her lineage on Aelinae, but when a fight leaves Brandt dead and Taryn in the hands of a stranger named Rhoane, she has to get up to speed about her new reality and fast. Accepting that reality and accepting her fate are two different things, and for a woman raised on Earth she has no intention of being anyone’s pawn in the dangerous games being played behind the scenes. Before she can decide who to trust in this strange yet familiar new world, she has to first trust in herself. Her life depends upon it.


The world of Aelinae and the people that inhabit it explodes across the pages like a beautiful display of richly colored fireworks! Much like a fireworks show, “The Stones of Kaldaar” builds slowly, burst by burst until the grand finale lights the sky. The world building is superb, with enough detail to paint a vivid picture, but not so wordy that one loses interest. Taryn is a strong, smart character who is navigating a strange new world with much aplomb and Rhoane is a good match for her. There is court intrigue, lies and plots aplenty with villains in various layers of shadow. It’s hard to know who can be trusted, but Taryn does an admirable job sussing out friend from foe. This epic fantasy ends with a battle won, but a war far from over. Once more into the breach!


Carol Conley