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The Rebound Pact

After the split with her fiancée, Gabrielle Dane definitely needs a break from men - so she really isn't that ecstatic when she runs into Holden Bellamy, her brother's best friend and the man she mistakenly slept with six years ago (it was really dark, really).

PARANORMAL:  Salem Miller, Goth outcast and younger sister to the amazing Amy Miller, thinks her love spell failed. She’s struggling to revive a damaged grimoire to find a cure for her sister, and then Aidan Cooper arrives at school. Aidan is in hiding.

Silly Girl

Sylvia Kinder can't believe it - her dream man is actually talking with her!  True, he does seem preoccupied with the thought of seducing her, but still - it's Mathias Jessup, NBA superstar, her favorite player - flirting with her!  And he's offering her a safe place to stay until the snowstorm passes.

The Silent Swan

Gabe is a high school senior who has it all; he’s captain of the varsity baseball team, vice-president of the student council and has a great home and family.  Tam is the orphan daughter of a star baseball player in the foster care system.  Separated from her many brothers, she is trying to keep them all safe from the pitfalls of living in the system.

Keith and Alice thought they had stopped Beatrice and her deadly song. They thought they were free to enjoy their love and finish high school. They were wrong.