Of Stone and Mist

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CONTEMPORARY, MYSTERY:  Jessa Bennett, a down on her luck professional photographer, is looking for a quick job to pay some pressing bills. She approaches the married owners of a local restaurant for a photography job, but is offered work quite different than what she was expecting. The couple asks that she look into what happened to their daughter Maria; who disappeared without a trace three years previously after attending a party at the ‘Bristol House’, an old mansion located at the edge of town. As Jessa begins photographing and investigating around the mysterious old home, she begins to encounter strange forces and inexplicable occurrences, both in the mansion and in her personal life. After Mitch Connor, the enigmatic young heir to the property, catches her breaking into the home, he reluctantly joins forces with her to solve the mystery of the long missing Maria. They discover a malevolent entity in the old home; one who tries to keep them from solving the mystery of the woman’s disappearance, and who is also looking to find a way to enter this world. 

Of Stone and Mist is a very nice, satisfying little ghost story, quite mysterious and creepy. There a few events that feel out of place or not fully explained; but nothing that detracts a great deal from the appeal of the story. The last part of the book, when the supernatural events become more evil and dangerous to Jessa’s life, is riveting reading.  Although the story at times stretches credulity to frighten the reader at the expense of keeping the plot line plausible, the book is always interesting enough to keep the reader’s attention. Despite the occasional plot slip and manufactured fright, this is a highly entertaining and enjoyable read!


Faith Turner