Stella of Akrotiri: Diana

Linda Rae

HISTORICAL:  Roman senator Augustus has a problem: he is immortal and does not age. His long tenure in the Roman senate without his face getting any older has his enemies, and one in particular, spreading rumors that he is a sorcerer. He decides it may be time to fake his own death and start a new life, and so accepts an invitation to visit his immortal friends Darius and Stella, the king and queen of the Greek island nation of Deminon. What he does not expect is the attraction he feels when he meets Stella and Darius’ adopted daughter, Diana. At their first meeting, Diana feels a strange attraction to her parents’ friend. She has been raised as a warrior princess, but when she meets Augustus, she is in for a surprise that will change her life forever. However, will the danger following Augustus ruin a love meant to last an eternity?

This story will intrigue fans of Roman history and paranormal romance alike. The instantaneous fire in the blood between Augustus and Diana leads to sizzling love scenes fit for immortals. Ms. Sande does a fine job of bringing the period to life with an abundance of detail. On occasion, however, the terminology overburdens the plot, which is slow to develop. The number of sub-plots and minor characters who each have their own stories weighs down the main action, and some readers may find the apparent age and experience differences between Augustus and Diana a little uncomfortable. The clever mix of immortals within historical fiction will fascinate fans of either genre and no doubt be a welcome addition to the series.

Marc Joseph