Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon

Linda Rae

HISTORICAL:  It is the year 218 BC, a time of constant war and shifting alliances. Darius, King of Deminon, a Greek city-state, has allied himself with the Romans to fight Hannibal's forces. When he falls in battle, he finds himself labeled a traitor and sold into slavery. Meanwhile, in Deminon, Stella, his wife of over a thousand years, continues to rule the kingdom. Theirs is a benevolent rule in which no one is enslaved and where their land prospers. However, Stella is desperate for news of her husband. When word travels back that he is dead, she finds it hard to believe and demands to meet with her husband's slayer, for Stella and Darius are immortals. If her husband managed to transfer his Essence to another nearby mortal, he would live on. Upon meeting Marcus, she knows that Darius lives, but Marcus is unprepared to share his mind with a much older immortal. Yet, it is Darius' skill that will be needed to protect Deminon against further treachery and possible invasion. 

"Stella of Akrotiri: Deminon" is a lavish, sensual historical romance that will sweep readers up into a fascinating world that blends the fantasy of an immortal race with the rich history of the Greek and Roman empires. The author has clearly done her research, and with a deft touch, brings the period to life. The intrigue and rivalries keep the story moving and the suspense alive. The characters are well developed, from Stella down to a ship's captain, and there is more than one relationship to follow in this majestic tale. For readers of historical romance, this is a must read!

Tricia Hill